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LUNA ORM - Free Open Source Data Layer Code Generator for Vb.Net or C# by Diego Lunadei












 Luna is an ORM open source and freely downloadable automatic code generator to facilitate and standardize the writing of classes that save data to database. 

The code is generated in VB.NET language and can be used in both Desktop and Web application. Luna Output code can be used in both C# or Vb.Net solution.

Luna project start from 'I need to write in an optimal manner and easily manage the most boring and repetitive data access, while maintaining an easily understood standard'.

You should not embed anything (DLL or assembly) in your project, and all generated code is easily changeable or customizable by the developer.

So... How does it work?


Luna has a logic of its ownership structure tables, fields and relations with which to map an existing database into memory in a standardized format.


It's an interpreter for each specific type of database, so it is possible to support virtually any type of database. The interpreter is responsible for connecting to the origin database specified, read the table structure and relations in memory and create a logical structure that follows the first in a field using the Luna classes, tables and relations.


Once the database structure has been physically disconnected from the data, the Converter create code that is used to interface Application with the database.

So, if you want more information you can find a complete SDK in documentation Section 


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