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Good job

Mar 13, 2014 at 8:15 AM
This is really a nice work.... I have some suggestions:
1-Create a full project file with the code file, so i can add this file to my solution rather than copying the to a new library project.
2-The classes in the LunaEngine folder are for internal use within the data access layer and should not be public outside this project.
3-The entity classes should be singular (Customer not Customers), and better to have an option to make singular or plural.

I still need to test it more....

Thanks for the good work.
Mar 13, 2014 at 10:33 AM
Than you for suggest :)


1) Create a full project is in the todoList :), this is for first Code generation obviously, because next generation if you change your datasource start from existing lds project
(simple double click on lds file, Luna restore any setting)

2) This is not fulltrue, for example in your code you need LunaSearchParameter, LunaTransactionBox, LunaContext (you can extend this class) or you can use ILunaEntityClass interface or ILunaDAOClass interface. But LunaEngine base class is a good idea to make them not visible outside DAL, i put this in ToDo List

3) Pluralization for now is supported in manual mode, When you create a table Customers i use to call Dao Class CustomersDAO and Entity Class Customer. by doubleclick on table or any field in Luna Interface before generate code you can change logical name of class or field

Thank you for suggest!