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In a project life, from start to end, is normal to change or update the datasource, changing Fieldname, adding or removing Table ecc ecc...

So we see how can you resolve this problem with Luna ORM

How reopen LunaDataProject Files (*.lds)

Luna ORM generate a Lds file where save any setting or table you generate , and how you rename your TableClass.

The best thing (as you can see in another chapter) is to drag&drop Lunafiles in a folder (i name Luna this folder) and have them in your sourcecontrol manager.



Now you go to the file and with RIGHT CLICK you choose Open With.. and add Luna with Browse..., next you select Luna as default for lds file. 

So now if you make double click on lds file LUNA make this operation:

- REOPEN your lds project and reload all naming you enter

- REOPEN, if possible to connect, the original DataSource from where you generate Code

- Find difference between original Datasource (when you generate code) and now, and update Table list or change Table Field.

So if you have to add NewTable simply check them on list, Luna add them to tree at the end.

If you add field or remove field from existing table just generated you have to do nothing else.

Generate Updated Code

Now you have to generate code and you see that Luna generate Only changed or new table

When you save Luna save this file to location that you choose, but save lds file REPLACING OLDER lds file in original Location. So you can use every time the only one project file ever updated.

Now if you have added new table you have to drag&drop files in related folders.

If you changed table by adding or removing field you have to drag&drop only files in LunaEngine\ClassDAO FOLDERS. So you don't loose every change you made to entity class in your LunaUserClass Folder.



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