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In the second step you have to choose wich table have to generate.

Luna ORM show you all the tables (TABLE) and view (VIEW) that are found in the selected data source. Here you can:

- change the Class name generated by double click on the class, so you can support Pluralization;
- change mapped FIELD name by double click on each single field in the Fields node.

In this example, we rename Customer, Group and Phones Class. Next click on the "Create Code" and all done!!!


Output Language - Here you can choose Output Language (for now Luna ORM support only, but you can easily use generated code in any project, we will see them in another article in this section)

Overwrite existing file on save - Default checked, this option say Luna ORM to save project file on original file (if you reopen a lds file). So you can take only one version of Luna Project ever updated. If you deselect this option when you reopen an lds file Luna ORM save ANOTHER NEW LDS file in the target directory, and don't update older.

Regenerate all tables - Default unchecked, When you reopen an LDS File Luna ORM regenerate only classes of changed table so you can replace only changed file in your project. When You check this option Luna ORM regenerate ALL FILES. This is usefull when LunaEngine change and you want to regenerate all tables at example.


Use ever only one Luna Project File (*.lds) and save any time on them

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